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Hi there!


new site coming soon!


Please take a look at my portfolio and resume!


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Cyber Monday Etsy Sale!


If you're planning on shopping on Etsy for some holiday items, check out the Cyber Monday sales!

Be Merry and shop at my Etsy store for Christmas cards and more. Zucchini & Co. is offering 15% off of your purchase with this coupon code. Thanks for visiting my fan page and my website. Share the good cheer!

The secret password is: BEMERRY15

Visual Learning: New blog!

So I am teaching a visual journaling class. If you don't know what a visual journal is, I suggest starting by searching Google Images and see what pops up! You'll be instantly inspired.

It's been the most fun I have had teaching... to date. My class is incredible-- creative, motivated, fun-loving, experimental, and playful. I start looking forward to the next 72 minutes as soon as the block ends.

Quite a few people who couldn't be in the class (including some family and some co-workers) are curious about what we're actually doing in class. So I started a blog that will kind of chronicle the making of a visual journal, start to, well, in-progress, because I don't know that journals are ever "finished."

You can follow along, see what's happening, or just browse at:

Visual learning because we're all figuring this out together. I've never taught a class like this, and I'm figuring out HOW to grade everyone as we go along! 
D201 because that's my classroom!
Blogspot because that's the best way to create a free blog!

That's what I've been up to, and between that, my 2 other classes, and prepping for CRAFTY BALBOA, I am one tired girl these days!


Just finished my promo items for Crafty Balboa Holiday 2010! Festive and so Zucchini & Co.!

First 50 guests get awesome goody bags, and hopefully one of my prints will be in there!