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Joie brings me Joie!

Jenn at IndieFixx has created an online magazine that is free, full of beauteous things, and fun to read.

I think of her as a Martha Stewart of blogging and internets-- she's got fantastic ideas, she's a business woman, she makes everything from building your businness to baking beet cupcakes seem easy, and everything always looks great.

Not only that, she's local to Philly, too!

So she is now editing an online magazine, and just put out her first issue! I highly recommend the articles--AND the eye candy. I miss Blueprint Magazine's projects and photo styling, and regular magazines are just so full of advertisements... at least all the ads in Joie are just as interesting as a little illustration! The folks involved with Joie have done a lovely job.

Click here to read>

How an Illustration is Born

I like to see the growth of an idea. I am more interested in process than anything else.
And so, here's a process post!

When I am going to illustrate something, I really really like to read it first, take notes, and see what jumps out at me, whether it's the main ideas or something that hits me, image-wise. These are my notes.


I try to stress to my students [so much! in vain!] that your first idea is very rarely your best. And that brainstorming is your friend! This whole notion is not even my first idea... the first sketch wasn't even worth putting here. So this idea incorporates money and a vintage shampoo ad.

Here I am trying to flesh out the ad idea, and the color scheme. I showed it to my boyf and he voted against the shampoo pile squeezed out, stating its strong resemblance to another "pile". But he at least thought the main idea communicated well. That's something else I try to stress-- always show your work to someone! A little critique never hurt anyone. And it's way better than spending all of this time on a drawing that well, makes NO sense [unless, of course, your goal is NOT to communicate an idea].

This is the line art I finally came down to... There were at least 3 pencil sketches in the middle here, changing the placement of the text, the little woman, and the thickness of some of the lines.

This is with some Photoshopping. Back to my original green color scheme, and with some outlines, as well as shades of green to give it some value.

This illo is for an article [not yet published] on a fantastic online magazine with some very cool information. This article is well worth the read.

Interested in illustration? And learning what an illustration is? 
This article (part 1) and  (part 2) and (part 3) from Natalie at Design Informer has a nice in-depth break down, complete with great visuals and examples.

another overview of an illustrator's process, at Charlene Chua's site. Actually, take a look: Ms. Chua's entire blog is a fantastic look at an illustrator's process.

And, what Wikipedia has to say.


Busy Bee

bee's my nickname, always has been.

so anyways I've been super-busy, it doesn't even feel like summer! Besides the bookplates I've been making, I've been working on wedding invitations and other sorts of designs for invites...

Here's a little insight into the process:

I carved a paisley pattern and a wildflower (I call them dandelions) onto linoleum blocks. Oy! Carpal tunnel!

I printed said linoleum block in a pretty zucchini & co. pink on lovely rice paper and thick cotton rag.


[I let them dry...] I scanned them into my computer.

I took 'em into Photoshop and played... and then I took 'em into Illustrator and played!

I then learned that my printer (with a little love and encouragement) can handle nice cotton rag!


Then I uploaded some pictures of them to my Flickr. I like to call Zucchini & Co.'s wedding things an imprint called "Love, Zucchini". Like if my teeny 'Kini sent invites, that's what they would look like. What do you think?