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About me!


I have my BFA in printmaking and art education certification. I work in mixed media on paper and canvas and I am often influenced by found materials and phrases.

All parts of life are connected and continuous--learning, teaching, listening, creating--and cannot be separated from one another. With each successive layer painted, text written, linoleum print sewn on, each art work becomes a moment, full of sounds, colors, thoughts, and ideas. When someone looks at my art I would like them to see a part of me, the link between my thoughts and my hands. This link, even if only apparent to me, recalls the moment a work was created in, and tells me a piece is done.

Art is a process; it is by following a set of steps that I can turn off the inner monologue and let a thought speak. The steps vary, but are almost always related to color, words, layering, and textures.

I work with acrylic paint, carved linoleum blocks, and colored pencils. I love the touch of papers--thick cotton rag--and often the paper's surface is just as important as what is put on that surface. I create patterns in squares and circles, in colors that tend to be feminine, and rely on traditional craft, such as hand-sewing a print to a painting.

Currently, I am working on a smaller scale with quieter colors, perhaps reflecting something of who I am outside of the classroom. Current events, my students, and my dreams are often my subjects.