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I'm in love with everything at Anthropologie, every time I set foot in there.

Everything, that is, except the prices. 

This little festive V-Day beauty is perfect for Valentine's Day or ANY day! 

I am by no means a jewelry-maker. This tutorial is for anyone, I promise. It's just a matter of having some appropriate tools. So here goes!

The original (via anthropologie):  




This is going to be a long one!

I'm not really an Etsy expert-- maybe there's a number of sales to hit, or a number of times on the front page, or once you're a Featured Seller... but I have really enjoyed learning anything I can about what I think is the MOST WONDERFUL community of artisans and crafters online.

So I've been in contact with quite a few people who are thinking about setting up Etsy shops, and I'll give you a run-down of the things I've learned about Etsy, things I've seen successful sellers do, and the things "they"--Etsy and their top sellers--say you should do. I didn't start any of this stuff until about 2 years in, and I really wish I was one of those people who did the research and T...


So I am teaching a visual journaling class. If you don't know what a visual journal is, I suggest starting by searching Google Images and see what pops up! You'll be instantly inspired.

It's been the most fun I have had teaching... to date. My class is incredible-- creative, motivated, fun-loving, experimental, and playful. I start looking forward to the next 72 minutes as soon as the block ends.

Quite a few people who couldn't be in the c...


Just finished my promo items for Crafty Balboa Holiday 2010! Festive and so Zucchini & Co.!

First 50 guests get awesome goody bags, and hopefully one of my prints will be in there!


Jenn at IndieFixx has created an online magazine that is free, full of beauteous things, and fun to read.

I think of her as a Martha Stewart of blogging and internets-- she's got fantastic ideas, she's a business woman, she makes everything from building your businness to baking beet cupcakes seem easy, and everything always looks great.

Not only that, she's local to Philly, too!

So she is now editing an online magazine, and just put out her first issue! I highly recommend the articles--AND the eye candy. I miss Blueprint Magazine's projects and photo styling, and regular magazines are just so full of advertisements... at least all the ads in Joie are just as interesting as a little illustration! The folks involve...