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Amazing Artist [with Autism]

Yup, that's Paris. 

And that's New York.

And he's using my FAV-oh-RITE! pens ever. Staedtler pigment liners!

I came across these awesome pen and ink drawings at A Cup of Jo

Steven Wiltshire draws cities from memory, after flying over them in a helicopter. Once. You can watch his amazing process. It's so cool. I mean, he remembers numbers of windows and floors in a skyscraper! Holy moly!

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I just find it so amazing. As a visual person, I like to think that I notice and remember things other people may not. But often, the image in my head is pretty different than any representation of it I could create. That filter, the way your brain fills in the fuzzy parts... you think you remember exactly what that place looked like, only to find you were totally off. Not so for this guy!

As a teacher, too, I have students that are on the autism spectrum, and find the line quality and amount of detail in a drawing by some students with autism just amazing. I haven't had a Steven Wiltshire in class YET, but... who knows! 

This is the original article. Cool.



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