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Anthro Knock-Off Love Necklace

I'm in love with everything at Anthropologie, every time I set foot in there.

Everything, that is, except the prices. 

This little festive V-Day beauty is perfect for Valentine's Day or ANY day! 

I am by no means a jewelry-maker. This tutorial is for anyone, I promise. It's just a matter of having some appropriate tools. So here goes!

The original (via anthropologie):  


Luckily, I have a stash of random jewelry findings from various attempts at making things. All of this stuff came from a big-box store, and was inexpensive. 

Anthro necklace: $48

My necklace: < $5 + labor (an hour)

materials list:

  • wire (I think this is 18 gauge, about 12")
  • chain (about 14")
  • 3 jump rings
  • embroidery thread (about 24", separated),
  • wire cutters/pliers
  • ruler
  • sewing needle
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • paper

My suggestion is to take a peek at the whole tutorial (including tips for my next time) before you begin!

Step 1: make a template for your word. Mine is about 1.5" long.

Step 2: carefully "trace" the template with the wire. 

Step 3: Separate your thread (18-24"). It should be about 6 strands thick. I split it in half. 

Step 4: Begin wrapping. (note: this was the hardest part. I put a little glue on the end, which didn't help much. So I just tried to wrap the loose end under the wrapping, so it'd stay put)

Secure the end with a little more glue. Trim loose ends.

Step 5: the tassel. I had no idea how to go about this so I googled it. It's easy. Here's the site I used (click image to go to it):  


My tassel has a cowlick. Maybe I could use my hair straightener on it?

Step 6: Attach the tassel inside the loop of the "e". Put another jump ring in there, then close that loop up nice and tight.

Step 7: Put a jump ring in the "L" loop and close that bad boy up too.

Step 8: Attach your chain to the jump ring by opening the last link on both sides and inserting the rings. Then close them up nice and tight.

Et Voila! You have your Thread-Wrapped Sentiment Necklace! 

Unlike some of my other jewelry experiments, I will wear this one out in public!

If I were to do it again:

1. Be sure to wrap the thread tighter. See the gaps? They're not that noticable in real life.

2. Cowlick-free tassel.

3. Attach the jump rings to the chain first, then close it up in the wire loops? Maybe that would be easier? Or else I'm just uncoordinated.

4. Figure out a better way to secure the thread at the beginning and ending. Or be more patient and let the glue work.


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