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Busy Bee

bee's my nickname, always has been.

so anyways I've been super-busy, it doesn't even feel like summer! Besides the bookplates I've been making, I've been working on wedding invitations and other sorts of designs for invites...

Here's a little insight into the process:

I carved a paisley pattern and a wildflower (I call them dandelions) onto linoleum blocks. Oy! Carpal tunnel!

I printed said linoleum block in a pretty zucchini & co. pink on lovely rice paper and thick cotton rag.


[I let them dry...] I scanned them into my computer.

I took 'em into Photoshop and played... and then I took 'em into Illustrator and played!

I then learned that my printer (with a little love and encouragement) can handle nice cotton rag!


Then I uploaded some pictures of them to my Flickr. I like to call Zucchini & Co.'s wedding things an imprint called "Love, Zucchini". Like if my teeny 'Kini sent invites, that's what they would look like. What do you think?


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