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Not even two more weeks until Spring Break! After this winter, I can't wait for the first signs of spring around here.

(via Kaboodle)

I've wanted to go camping for a while now, but haven't really gotten it together yet! Hopefully, this spring break will bring a camping trip. Somewhere, maybe in the Poconos, Delaware Water Gap, who knows. Like, real tent-carrying, fire-making, cabin-less camping.

In the spirit of roughin' it, I found these super-cute things on Etsy! 

(by tinypeepers)

Camper kitchen towel
This is just so cute. Way too cute for camping, which would get it all coated in dirt and bacon grease, but a great reminder of a camping trip!

(by pillowsewcute)

Ouch Pouch
This is ingenious, and I need this on my person all the time! I don't have a kid at all... but I am very clumsy.

(by CookiesCrumples)

Taylor Lautner + Warm Blankie!
First, read the description on this listing... "yes, I do own a cardboard cut out of Taylor Lautner." LOL. Also, I would NOT take a $239 blanket into the woods. But man, that'd be really warm and cozy!



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