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Listening to The Scorpions always takes me right back to 1992... "Winds of Change"...

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to set some goals for 2010. I can't believe it's here already! I know quite a few people who are ready to put this past year behind them and start anew as soon as the ball drops. I, however, will be sad to see 2009 go. I had a good year.

Change is something we can't fight. As much as I struggle and resist, it always comes. I have to convince myself to change my ways of thinking, creatively, especially when creativity has run from me. Though I had a good year, the last few weeks of this year have been creatively dry [hence the fact that I haven't updated anything or even really made anything that wasn't a Christmas gift].

And since the New Year brings change as well as lots of Top Ten lists, here's one for you:

Ten Ways to Keep Going When Inspiration is Going, Going.... Gone.

1. Blog surf. Design*Sponge, Pikaland, Artists who Blog...

2. Surf Society 6. Who just got a mention in ReadyMade mag, because now you can buy prints of the works you see there!

3. Go hunting with your camera, and look for the interesting in the everyday. I usually hunt in the apartment, and though I see it all a million times a day, that little viewfinder's always like a new set of eyes.

4. Read fantastical fiction. Even if it's just a few pages. Some things are so visually written... an immediate picture is in your head. Alice in Wonderland, Nausea, and Hills Like White Elephants are a few stories that come to mind.

5. New music-- hello, Pandora

6. Doodle on graph paper. It's much more fun than that daunting blank white paper.

7. "Ruin" an old artwork. I have so many pieces floundering around the studio, and most will never become a masterpiece (in any sense of the word!), so I will re-paint, destroy, tear up and reassemble, or draw right over whatever is already there. You'd be surprised at the results.

8. Listen to podcasts of Fresh Air, RadioLab, or Science Friday. Gotta love that public radio.

9. Lay the groundwork. When I'm feeling totally blank, I go with it. I make a bunch of prep pieces-- painting backgrounds, base coats, cutting shapes, sketchbook doodles... no pressure to make that "finished piece" but at least doing SOMEthing towards that end. Of course, that could also be the reason I have so many floundering pieces (see no. 7)...

10. Work AROUND your medium. Make something, but in a totally new way. I like to print and draw... so when I'm stuck, I will cook or build. Sometimes I'll fail horribly (being so thankful to be able to go back to drawing) and sometimes I'll succeed (and end up with some bangin' scones or something) but no matter what, I'm thinking in a new way, getting the juices flowing.

My New Year's wishes are to keep creating, to change and grow, and to be energized by the things around me. I hope you have a magical New Year.


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