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How To Prepare for a Craft Show: Don't Panic.

As I feel like I am broken-record-repeating (but it's all out of excitement, I swear!), I'm doing a craft show on Saturday. Whoa! 5 days away! So, naturally, the panic has set in. To-do lists abound, checklists everywhere, and piles of plastic bins FULL of cards and things.

The living room...

The reality is, I have a lot of work to do still. "You don't know what you don't know..." so I am reading every article and list and idea I can find. This is a list of some resources that are ameliorating the anxiety I have going on right now...


A Google or Flickr search ("craft show display ideas") will yield tons of ideas for table set up, signage, and display furniture options (from old suitcases to orange crates to clotheslines). These images are all via Flickr.

I need a small tinsel tree like that one on the left.

What do you think? Are those little flags overdone or still cute? I enjoy them. As I enjoy how the one gray hat looks like it's on that girl's head.

And this set up is so cheery and bright! She said she was going for a "candy store look." Done.


Nice Package is a shop of BEEEEEE-autiful packaging items that I am completely obsessed with. Which is funny, because bags (for people to put PURCHASES in!) just crossed my mind this morning. This blog post shows a very cute table set up at the Brooklyn Flea. Little bit of a girl crush on this chickie--or at least her style. In that vein, I've stamped some paper lunch bags with my "Z" and am using twine for tying up everything.

Paper ornaments I am selling. Tied with twine.


Just little things, like remembering to charge my camera battery so I can take pictures.

Since Etsy is oh-so-good to its sellers, I found several resources that I think are going to help me out:

Tips from a craft show veteran via Handmade News...

Some more craft show tips (from a function-over-form website)...

...And the thing that's being reiterated most: S-M-I-L-E! That part, I can handle.

So what's the best thing that you have learned from doing craft shows? What tips, tricks, and techniques do you have up your sleeve? Leave a comment!