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Fun, Fonts, Fridays, and Felting!



ridays are fun! So are fonts! This beautiful "F" is from Jessica Hische's blog, Daily Drop Cap. She's posted capitals in all sorts of fonts she's created, for use on blogs and stuff. 

F is also for Felting! Yesterday, I tried my hand at felting, with the brave soldiers Jenny and Jody. Um, I don't think felting is for me. Of course, I am an instant-gratification kind of person who wants to excel at all things crafty from the first minute. My wonky body parts and different-sized appendages definitely weren't excellent.

All in all, felting was a fun craft to play. Thanks to Woolbearers in Mount Holly for the help in getting us started with the roving, the needles, the foam, and we were on our way!

Some things I learned: 

  • They are serious when they say "Don't take your eyes off your work." Those needles are hardcore and, at the right speed, could probably go clear through your fingernail.
  • Real pets + felted pets = disaster.

  • We all made the same thing to start, which was a good idea.

  • The handy dandy instructions, plus my finished brown bear. Not exactly as cute as the photos.


  • Second attempt: We all went our separate ways, as far as the pets we created. I went with a fox, based on the orangey roving we had. The Kitten got to him as soon as I was through. I found fox bits all around the house.
  • The Kitten loved the bag from Woolbearers almost as much as she loved being menacing to the fox bits.

Have you tried felting? Do you have stories of your first attempts? Has anyone needed stitches as a result of felting?


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