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Today is my half birthday! For my demi-anniversaire, I might like to buy myself some soaps. 

Soaps have become a major obsession for me and Mr. R. I think that I may have even blogged about that before (and considering I've only had this blog for about a month and a half, that's a lot). I KNOW I have mentioned Hoggwash already in here, but I just wanted to give another shout out to Ms. Hogg on the soaps that we bought. Right now, the Lavender and Shea Butter Bar is making my mornings. I wanted to bite it when I opened it--looks good enough to eat!

Though Miss Hogg says on her website that the soaps are made of only the highest quality ingredients (holy moly--I wish you could smell this thing! you'd know, too) I am sure she'd advise against actually eating the soaps. She's super cute and local to the Philly area. I highly recommend buying her soap. Buy 4, actually. They come wrapped in that cute paper with the cute sticker... and did I mention how good it smells?


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