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Indie Biz Chicks

I do a lot of internet surfing. It breaks up the monotony of getting ridiculously high scores in Bejeweled (obsession).

Two Mondays ago, I came across a business site, marketed to women who own small craft businesses, with the motto "Women who'd rather work for themselves than work for the Man."

And thus, I fell in love with

So I'm looking around, thinking about how cool it is that there are resources like this out there, and lo and behold, it's a Monday night. And I am not a fan of Dancing with the Stars. Guess what Crissy of Indie Biz Chicks does on Monday nights? Hosts a Twitter Party! Who knew that Twitter could be like a chat room, and that the fast and furious communication is just like being in a room full of really excited women! But these are smart, craft-business-owning, looking for ways to improve their business women.

So I RSVP'd, I tweeted about it, and entered to win "How to Market Your Craft Business Online... Without Going Broke." [That was what had drawn me into the site in the first place. Trying so hard to market my shop, but it's just overwhelming and seems like a full time job.] I didn't really take part in the party, but I did love to hear about other peoples' challenges and tips for marketing their businesses. AND I practically doubled my twitter followers as a result. 

I ended up winning the workbook of "How to Market..." and immediately downloaded and read it, underlining and highlighting as I went. While I could skim over parts about being an Etsy seller, I found the info on blogs so helpful.

I wrote these 2 phrases down more than once: 
Shameless Self-Promotion!
This is YOUR business... take action today!

With articles like "Intellectual Property: What you should know," "The Dangers of Doing Work for Free," and "Spice Up Your Marketing," IndieBizChicks is a very valuable resource for any woman who owns a business, big or little, looking for a community and some really awesome information.

Thanks, Crissy.


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