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Little Paper Stocking Tutorial

Confession:  I am a pack-ratty crafter. I can't pass up cheap craft materials that I **might** someday use. Which is how I ended up with these little wire stocking things. Not really a fan of the stringing-beads-along-it version of the ornament, so I decided to Z&Co. it up a bit, using vintage magazine bits, twine, and...... some glitter.

So here's how to take it from a kids' craft to something a little more special. Specialer, if you will.


1. Get yo' sh*t together.

2. Tear the magazine page into strips and coat with glue (with your fingers). Wrap the now-soggy strips around the wire armature neatly. And overlappingly.
*You will need to pause to peel the glue off your fingertips periodically. This is rewarding in its own right. Et voila...

3. Embellish a bit. More old paper, cut into hearts.
Confession: probably left over from something else, actually.

4. Glitter. Neater than this, por favor.
Then re-paint fingernails, for goodness' sake!

Tying it up:

5. Slip knot through the ornament, then tie a regular knot at the ends.

And.... there you have it.


I think this is WAY cuter than those beaded ones.
Kitten enjoys them, as well. If only to swat at.


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