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Little Wooden People!

My family is so wholesome. When all of the girls get together [and even the Brother, sometimes] we sit and we craft. And it's so much fun. I think that documenting our forays into the crafting world is really fun, too! 

Little Wooden People was another craft we undertook, on a whim. They were just so cute, in their blank-canvas-ish-ness. So we got a bunch, clothespins and pegs, and acrylics in fun colors, and went nuts.


Here are some of our little cuties! You can see Mooshoopork's cuties here. Next time, I would like to have shiny silver paints! And create tiny little ninjas! Now I know. I was so proud of my wooden self and Boyfriend... until I saw those.

Here are some things I learned:

  • They were far cuter with a base coat of paint-- like, I painted the whole head and body flesh tone and then painted the hair, clothes, eyes, etc. on top.
  • The pegs were way cuter than the clothespins
  • Things like toothpicks may actually work better than brushes for tiny little details. 


  • The tiny accoutrements (like wire glasses) made all the difference! So cute. I didn't even THINK to put arms on them, though!

These are A-DOR-A-BLE (and also not by me; via flickr):


I highly recommend painting little wooden people. Happy crafting!



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