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Make Paper Flowers!

DIY Paper Peonies

So I saw these INCREDIBLE paper flowers on Martha Stewart one day... and decided I would like to try some. Martha's version was a bit much for me on that day, so I found Tissue Paper Peony instructions through The directions were great, but I am a visual learner-- needed a few more photos to really GET it.

Materials: 7 sheets of tissue paper in the color you want your flowers, scissors, pencil, CD or other circle to trace, and some kind of floral wire (covered or uncovered).

This is about 7 sheets of tissue paper, opened up and with a CD traced on it. I then cut out the circles as best I could. I'm much better with a pencil than scissors.

Here's the 8 circles I got out of those sheets of tissue. That means--you guessed it!--8 flowers.

That spool there is the floral wire I used. Some instructions were calling for that fatter floral wire... I'm a big proponent of using whatever you've got. Especially when you're doing something for the first time and have no idea what your results will look like! That 18 gauge green wire worked JUST fine.

Once you have your circles cut, you need to fold them in fourths. In half and then in half again. The beauty of this is that if your circles/folds are uneven, you're going to get a great flower. Imperfections make this project even better.

So you've got them in little triangles, then you jaggy-up the edges, cutting them so they are wavy (like real flower petals are!)... again, not being perfect=perfect! Then you open them up and lay them flat.

Then I cut my wire. What this stupid picture is trying to show is that the wire is about an arm's length long (~18"). Which seems long, but is just right for a stem. Then, you have to poke holes (2) in the center of the circles (see that needle there? just a little regular old embroidery needle).  

So you can kinda see where the holes are: They straddle the center of the folds, and are about a half-inch apart. I fiddled with that a bit, you might want them closer (for longer petals) or further (farther?) apart for a little more of a fluffy flower.

Then you thread the wire through the holes and get the loose ends of the wire even. That loopy there is the very center of my length of wire.

Here comes the fun (not really) part... Smoosh it together and futz with it a bit until it's sorta flowery looking. Be careful not to tear your tissue paper or pull the wire straight through (I did that on one of 'em). You're about to start twisting the 2 ends of the wire together to make the stem and tissue paper is pretty delicate.

So then you start twisting.

In progress-- 2 down... After you twist the wire together, you get to the [really] fun part. Fluff out the petals so they look like a flower. The 2 at the top have been fluffered.

You basically just crinkle the petals, separate each layer of tissue, and make it look slightly imperfect. Some of them I really crinkled up good, some I just fluffed.

Et voila! In a beautiful handmade ceramic vessel by a former classmate of mine at Rowan.

And a green version. You can spray them with a room spray so they smell good, too!

And of course, my task master, Kitten. In a plastic bag. As usual. She loves the paper peonies. To hit, to chew, to make noise with.


Totally tutorials tips tricks recipes how tos has also featured this tutorial! Thanks, Dotty!



Thank you so much. I want to put these in my centre peices for my wedding I saw them in a magazine and the magazine didnt explain very well how to make them. I to am a visual learner and this will make it so much easier and I can slowly tackle them! Thanks again!

You are welcome!

Good luck, Sharon, and congrats on your wedding!

To Lisa:

Sorry for the confusion!

You're right, there are several layers of tissue paper-- I bought a pack and opened it up flat, it probably was about 8 sheets total.

I traced the CD on the opened up sheets of tissue paper about 8 times to make 8 8-layered flowers. (Like, 64 circles in total?) Does that make sense?

Thanks for reading! Happy Crafting!

neato! I just am a little

neato! I just am a little confused about one thing- you said that the 8 tissue paper circles make 8 flowers, but it looks like you actually twist a group of circles together on the wire to make one flower. Do you have one layer of tissue paper per "circle," or are there more?

great tutorial, thanks for

great tutorial, thanks for sharing :)

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