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Passion follows passion.

Hm. That's fuzzy looking. Boo.

[And don't mind the people's faces (or lack thereof). People are very fast-moving at bars.]

Anyways, I think Dave must think it's kind of weird that his girlfriend would rather sit and draw than be social at his gigs. Or at least his band mates might think that. Or anyone who thinks that being at a bar and drawing is weird, in general.

But isn't part of WHY we create (and by we, I am speaking very generally-- not just visual artists, but anyone who creates ANY thing) to inspire other people, either to create something themselves, or to at least take time to ingest that which we create?

OK, that's a little vague, but what it boils down to is sitting in a bar, listening to and watching what my boyfriend and his friends do best--create music together--is so totally inspiring and their passion just rubs off on everyone around. And for me, passion doesn't manifest in dancing (worst. dancer. ever.) but it does make my fingers itch for a nice artline pen and any random blank paper in the vicinity.

They played the Tritone last night, a tiny red bar on South in Philly with the "Special" ($3 PBR and a whiskey shot), and one of the tiniest stages I've seen*.  Joshua Kruse and the band of 1000 names rocked, and Chris Arter Band brought down the house at the end.

A good time was had by all...

*see 'em there again 2/26/10 if you're in the area!


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