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Post-show Wrap-up!

So today was a great day-- my first craft show as a vendor. That, however, is Miss Mandy, a.k.a. Bones (check out her etsy shop in the upcoming days featuring her awesome skeletal paintings and old-fashioned shattered glass candy--the anise is so awesome) manning our joint table.

Basically, for my first show, the goal was to make back my entry fee, which I did. And then some. So that's cool.

Despite the snow and slush, lots of people came out and lined up to get the free goody bags! My purchases today:

a sweet little knot ring from colleen marie ici (though I'm still coveting this chair necklace...)

4 awesome-smelling soaps from hoggwash

a vintage optician lens pendant from jen mccleary

& a pocket kitteh from magic bean buyer, who seemed like the kinda girls you'd like to hang out with.

So nice! Snow nice! Good day!

I'll be updating my etsy shop a whole lot in the coming days, keep an eye out!


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