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Sadie Says...

If you can remember reading Sassy mag, you'll like Sadie.

Sadie [] is an online magazine that is geared towards women. It has a staff of creative people who seek out interesting and empowering stories about creative women [and some men, too] and putting them together.

This is a magazine that isn't about glossy ads wanting you to buy expensive clothes (and perhaps pick up a drug addiction to look appropriately vacuous and thin in said clothes) but is instead about being self-sufficient, in a way.

You can both find new music and find your G-spot in the most recent issues of Sadie.

Check it out. See my illustration for the "Money for Nothing" article. And read the article on Swoon from a few issues back.

Thanks for looking! Maybe this week you can empower a girl by supporting her following her dream. Share an article, buy something from a female-owned Etsy shop, follow a new couple twitter or blogger girls, buy a CD from a new girl-fronted band... show your support.


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