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Secrets of Savvy Etsy Sellers

What an awesome FREE resource!

On The Dot Creations offers this amazing free e-book on her blog. Doesn't she just look like someone you'd want to have a chat with?

These are the things that I wish I had researched when I was just starting out. I jumped in with no research what so ever, and I think know I would have benefitted from reading something like this from the get go!

Julie, the author, has compiled tips and further reading for any Etsy seller, new or old, who wants to take some steps to improve their business.

She covers first impressions, marketing, packaging, customer service, and figuring out how to balance being a business owner and being a crafter. For some, this business hooey comes natural, but for "bird-brains" like me, living and crafting in organized chaos, this is all very helpful information.

It is also a great reminder of the things that you know... but don't actually follow:
#39: “It’s much more important to be creating new items to sell than to be obsessing about how many views and hearts you’re getting.”  (oh-so guilty of that!)

And a provider of new information:
#40: “Use the Download Sales Data function at the bottom of your sold orders page. It takes all your sales history and puts it in an Excel format. The information includes dates, buyers, prices, transaction numbers, and more. I can watch what my most popular items are, who my most frequent buyers are, or search for transaction numbers.” (I've been on Etsy 2 years and never had ANY clue about this!)


Thanks so much for your kind

Thanks so much for your kind mention here, Melissa. You might also enjoy my second blog, Fine Tooth Comb, which is filled with tips for small business owners (particularly handmade sellers).

Have a happy day!

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