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Using Stamps

I admit that this is borrowed from Design*Sponge. They are gurus over there, after all. After some searching, here's the original post's link.

Me and stamps, we have this relationship... I am not, in general, a proponent of rubber stamping. Please don't be upset with me-- I am a printmaker, and I do basically make my own rubber stamps, so how can I hate? But I still do.

But I wanted to let you know that, inspired by d*s and Amy Merrick, I went to Staples and got me one of those little kits, and what I've been using it for since. The kits are relatively inexpensive, and also like a trip back to my youth! Playing office and stamping things with my dad's company...

< the whole kit

^ This "Z" is my Zucchini & Co. signature, on all of my cards and other such paraphenalia. It's from a set of wooden letter press type that they were getting rid of (!!) in the print shop in college. I just use it with a regular stamp pad (this little Versa Color guy is awesome) and never would have guessed how handy it would be!

< return address labels

 packaging >

< errthing together

I love to hand-write things. But, it isn't always economical. Especially when I was getting ready for Crafty Balboa in December. So I used my 2000 Plus to create stickers, hang tags, thank you notes to stick in the freebie bags, and much, much more. See? Now I am using it in some of my prints, my book plates, and stickers.

new bookplates i'ma roll out soon>

Basically, it's awesome, you should get one, and I really like it. That and a typewriter. And some Artline pens. But that's for another time. Until then... =)

(*Unrelated d*s link: In searching... These Valentines make my heart skip a beat. That first photo- all of those materials!)


pat on my back

Also, I think my photos have improved by leaps and bounds. My point-and-shoot Nikon is doing it's thing! What are your tips and tricks for Etsy photo shoots?

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