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Visual Learning: New blog!

So I am teaching a visual journaling class. If you don't know what a visual journal is, I suggest starting by searching Google Images and see what pops up! You'll be instantly inspired.

It's been the most fun I have had teaching... to date. My class is incredible-- creative, motivated, fun-loving, experimental, and playful. I start looking forward to the next 72 minutes as soon as the block ends.

Quite a few people who couldn't be in the class (including some family and some co-workers) are curious about what we're actually doing in class. So I started a blog that will kind of chronicle the making of a visual journal, start to, well, in-progress, because I don't know that journals are ever "finished."

You can follow along, see what's happening, or just browse at:

Visual learning because we're all figuring this out together. I've never taught a class like this, and I'm figuring out HOW to grade everyone as we go along! 
D201 because that's my classroom!
Blogspot because that's the best way to create a free blog!

That's what I've been up to, and between that, my 2 other classes, and prepping for CRAFTY BALBOA, I am one tired girl these days!


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