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Yup. Christmas is Coming!

I am doing a craft fair in December (for the first time! More on that to come...) and I am prepping with some holiday items.

I've had my etsy shop for almost 2 years now, and one opportunity that I always miss is holiday items. Duh. We are consumers. We buy stuff for every holiday-- me included! But I have yet to list Christmas cards, towels, tags, prints, everything!

So that's what I am working on now...

some cards...

my trusty typewriter (since I stupidly loaned out my old one, I'm working with this new deluxe version-- see the title? Olympia Report de Luxe!)

... and of course, the ever-helpful Tuna Turner.

Hopefully, this year, by the time Christmas rolls around, I will have some lovely items in the shop to celebrate! I will be sure to keep you updated.


You've Got Mail

Isn't that the same typewriter as in the "You've Got Mail" movie with Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and Greg Kinnear? "Report. As in gunshot." Yeah, I've seen the movie quite a few times.

Holy moly

K. Anne,
You are right! I did some Wiki-research and it is! I like that you knew the quote. And that Greg Kinnear at least pretended to use this same exact typewriter.
Thanks for bringing that to my attention!!

Our cat's name is TINA

Our cat's name is TINA Turner. Not Tuna. Or we can call her Kitten, or Kitten face, or Kitten Butt. Fish names are gross.

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