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My Blog Postings



Crafty Balboa was written up in the Philadelphia City Paper and on, as a "Thing to Do in Philly."

Check it, yo!

City Paper
"Shopping Spree"
"Crafty Balboa: Like Rocky, only with Arts and Crafts!"

Also, there will be live music... ANNNNNND, a Christmas movie screening! I'm voting for A Christmas Story. Woot!

Annnnnnd free goodie bags. Hello, goodie bags. You know you haven't gotten one of them since that party with the rollerskating and the ice cream cak...


As I feel like I am broken-record-repeating (but it's all out of excitement, I swear!), I'm doing a craft show on Saturday. Whoa! 5 days away! So, naturally, the panic has set in. To-do lists abound, checklists everywhere, and piles of plastic bins FULL of cards and things.

The living room...

The reality is, I have a lot of work to do still. "You don't know what you don't know..." so I am reading every article and list and idea I can find. This is a list of some resources that are ameliorating the anxiety I have going on right now...


A Google or Flickr search ("craft show display ideas") will yield tons of ideas for table set up, signage, and display furniture options (from old suitcases to orange crat...


I do a lot of internet surfing. It breaks up the monotony of getting ridiculously high scores in Bejeweled (obsession).

Two Mondays ago, I came across a business site, marketed to women who own small craft businesses, with the motto "Women who'd rather work for themselves than work for the Man."

And thus, I fell in love with

So I'm looking around, thinking about how cool it is that there are resources like this out there, and lo and behold, it's a Monday night. And I am not a fan of Dancing with the Stars. Guess what Crissy of Indie Biz Chicks does on Monday nights? Hosts a Twitter Party! Who knew that Twitter could be like a chat room, and that the fast and furious communication is just like being in a room full of really...


Confession:  I am a pack-ratty crafter. I can't pass up cheap craft materials that I **might** someday use. Which is how I ended up with these little wire stocking things. Not really a fan of the stringing-beads-along-it version of the ornament, so I decided to Z&Co. it up a bit, using vintage magazine bits, twine, and...... some glitter.

So here's how to take it from a kids' craft to something a little more special. Specialer, if you will.



So a friend of mine asked for a custom design... She works for the government, make of that what you will...

I'm sure you recognize those stickers that people have on their cars... proving to everyone just how well-traveled they are (or something)... well, this one's for you, C*.


Here is a version that you can download and print, FOR FREE!
IHP Sticker (37.7 Mb, .jpeg format)


Lo and behold, though, there is a legitimate history to these stickers, and it's kinda interesting!