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My Blog Postings


Well! I am two days late! Sorry about that! New to this blogging stuff and all.

According to, the lucky comment is #2, which means it is the lovely 2nd-time-mom-to-be Gina J.! Thanks to everyone who left comments, all 4 of you. Love you all.

Work is starting to calm down, which means I can kick the "other work" up a notch, getting ready for the craft show I am participating in on December 6. I'm still promising that full spread with all the good details and more photos of the new items for sale... coming right before Thanksgiving so you save your money on Black Friday and BUY HANDMADE this holiday season!


I am doing a craft fair in December (for the first time! More on that to come...) and I am prepping with some holiday items.

I've had my etsy shop for almost 2 years now, and one opportunity that I always miss is holiday items. Duh. We are consumers. We buy stuff for every holiday-- me included! But I have yet to list Christmas cards, towels, tags, prints, everything!

So that's what I am working on now...

some cards...

my trusty typewriter (since I stupidly loaned out my old one, I'm working with this new deluxe version-- see the title? Olympia Report de Luxe!)


So Amy at Pikaland has long been a favorite blogger of mine-- a daily read. And for whatever reason, I decided to enter to win this set of prints she's got as a giveaway! Being as I never win anything, this would be totally amazing, no?

Actually, I'm so totally excited for the 27th to roll around, now. Maybe I should start having giveaways. People really like free things, right?

My first giveaway!

Sock Puppet!sock puppet 3

I will choose one comment at random to...


Woooo! I have a new and pretty site, thanks to atomicbop. I will like to post some things I've done and some crafts I've made and some thoughts I've had. For now, though, this will do. I can't wait to see where this website leads...